Heimstaden is a leading European residential real estate company with a vision to enrich and simplify the lives of customers through Friendly Homes. Heimstaden’s mission is to acquire, develop and manage rental properties in Europe. Heimstaden is headquartered in Malmö and Oslo and Patrik Hall is CEO.

Heimstaden is currently located in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Finland, Polan and UK and has more than 2 000 employees. The properties are owned by Heimstaden Bostad AB, which is owned by Heimstaden AB (50,3 %) and Swedish pension funds Alecta (41,2 %), Folksam (5,5%) Ericsson (1,7 %), Sandvik (0,6 %) and, Swedish Pensions Agency (0,6%).

Fredensborg Bolig

Fredensborg Bolig is a real estate developer with more than 10,000 homes for sale, under construction or in development in Oslo, Akershus and Trondheim regions. By having customers, employees and society in focus, the company will deliver the best homes to its customers. Magnus Aune Hvam is Managing Director.

Fredensborg Bolig AS is owned 50/50 by Fredensborg AS and Tollef Svenkerud.


Utleiemegleren has over 25 years of experience in the residential rental market, and is market leader in Norway, with more than 16,000 homes in its portfolio. Utleiemegleren carries out the financial and legal administration of rental agreements, arranges caretaker services, and provides legal assistance in disputes. Vibecke Lyse Augdal is CEO.

Fredensborg owns 50% of Utleiemegleren.

Fredensborg Leisure

Fredensborg Fritid develops vacation destinations and homes and has ambitions to deliver fantastic experiences in Norway’s leading leisure destinations. The company has a land bank of approx. 8,500 holiday homes, located in Geilo, Kragerø, Turufjell (Flå), Hafjell, Tyin Filefjell and Norefjell. Håkon Arnstorp is CEO.

Fredensborg Fritid AS is owned 85/15 by Fredensborg AS and Håkon Arnstorp.


Servatur Hotels is a fully integrated hotel operator and owner, currently operating 2,000 rooms and apartments in the Canary Islands in Spain. Servatur Hotel & Resorts has been part of the tourist industry in the Canary Islands for over 40 years, with a vision to provide all guests with memorable holiday experiences. Anders Lindvall is CEO.

Fredensborg owns 50% of Servatur


Nordr is one of Scandinavia’s leading housing development companies with 2,600 homes under development (2020) and a plot portfolio of 18,800 units concentrated in the largest growth areas in Norway and Sweden. Offices are located in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger in Norway and in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö in Sweden. Andreas Martinussen is Managing Director.

Fredensborg AS and Fredensborg Bolig AS (42.5% jointly) own Nordr together with Norwegian Property (42.5%) and Union Eiendomskapital (15%).

Fredensborg Hospitality

Fredensborg Hospitality specializes in developing and managing lodging and restaurants in sought-after vacation spots like Geilo and Kragerø. Additionally, the company oversees the operations of three dining venues located within the former American embassy, as well as Ambassadens event and conference facilities. Rajko Mink serves as the Managing Director.

Fredensborg holds full ownership of Fredensborg Hospitality.

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